I (24F) told husband (26M) that I wanted a divorce. He hit me. What do I do?

I see where you are coming from, I do. But preventing someone from leaving their home is illegal. http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/crime-penalties/federal/Unlawful-Restraint.htm Him wanting to take his son with him out of the home was completely legal. Her putting herself in his way was not acceptable. Trying to take the kid from him when he was showing no indication that he would ever hurt the kid just escalated the situation and put him more into a panic. I think if this situation goes to the courts they will side with her because of the fact that she's a woman. If you switch the genders up, people would be siding with the person who took the kid and left.

"My husband is divorcing me. We argue, I get super upset, my child is crying. I go to hold him. My husband demands I hand over the child. I just want to hold him and sit here before my life crumbles completely. He keeps demanding the kid. Why won't my husband just leave me be? I decide to take him with me, I want to leave and go to my mothers. Somewhere. Just let me be. So I try to leave with him and my husband stands in front of me. I try to push and he won't let me go. Continues telling me I have to give him my child! So I did what I never thought I'd do. I hit him. He moves finally, and I head to my car. I'm almost to it when I see my husband chasing after me. I quickly put my son in the car and drive away. This is all happening so fast and I'm scared to lose my son."

Do you see it now?

Sorry this is so long but I have been illegally prevented from leaving arguements with my ex, forced to stay in a room while he yells and tries to get me to engage in a fight with him. I have hit him because he would not let me leave. I empathize a lot with both parties in this story, but the husband will be the least likely to receive any empathy in this situation. I feel I should defend him when most people will write him off the minute they read "husband hit me".

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