52% of young adults in the US are living with their parents. That's the highest share since the Great Depression

It has taken me four years get out, but I finally signed a lease in an apartment building this week. I am having issues with chest pain and seeing double. I have been sleeping on a bunk bed, in a bedroom full of my niece and nephews belongings, because I was never welcome back in the first place. At one point I was working 75 hours per week and I still couldn't gain enough traction. All of my belongings have been in a paid storage for about 5 years now and I will be busting them out this week!

I have tried to have a normal conversation/relationship but I have been told that my father doesn't give a fuck what I am doing and I just need to get the F out. This is something that has been reoccurring since I was about 10 years old. When I was 10, I was kicked out of the house several times and told I was going to be put into foster homes for being a bad kid. I remember arguing with my parents that I was too young to get a job when I was like 11-12. That was considered "back-talking". After getting kicked out, my parents would eventually find me at a friends house and explain that I had run away.

Life is confusing but 2020 has definitely been "The Year of Vision".

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