98% of the victims discussed in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series were of legal age of consent and were aspiring singers who thought dating R Kelly would give them a leg up and are mad that it didn’t work out.

Almost all of the girls met him between the ages of 12-15 and he told them to lie about their ages. There was only 3 girls who met him aged 16-17. Only 2 met him from 18-19 and one was his ex wife who divorced him after 13 years of abuse. The oldest one was his latest girlfriend who was 33 and also confirmed that he was having sex with underage girls.

There’s also so many court cases that he settled with cash payments and made his victims pay non disclosure agreements. I’m not sure why you made up the 98% or decided to ignore documented evidence going as far back as the 80s by people who went to high school with him but I hope it’s genuinely just a misunderstanding and you’re not trying to defend a pedophile.

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