About the way you ask a girl out

both of these are practically the same.

i don't think this kind of micro-analysis is helpful, though it's what this type of community kinda breeds. you end up overthinking things and then just becoming paralyzed on the spot.

if a girl would have said yes to one of these, then she would've said yes to either of these, and she wouldn't even remember which you asked her.

the benefit of asking a girl "wanna go to X? it starts at Y / let's go at Y" is that it's concrete, that's it. who cares if you lead up with "wanna go out sometime?" or tell her what your schedule is like?

99% of this shit is just making the move at all. maybe you go from 99% to 99.000000000001% better chance by throwing a wink in at the right point or tweaking the exact wording you use, but don't be fooled for a second that it matters much.

i think this "be decisive when asking a girl out" is mainly about actually doing it and not letting the sparks die by getting her to agree to go out sometime but then never actually asking her out to something concrete. it turns out that for a girl you won't incidentally see again, asking immediately is when the iron is the hottest for striking, not in 3 days from now when you get the balls to finally ask.

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