Accounting major, regret started

Trust me... don't drop the internship. Yes you will work long hours but you will not work 100 hours. Outside of busy season you will average 45-50. If you can stay at a big 4 firm until you get your licence you can basically write your own ticket.

It's pretty grueling for the first few years. Not gonna like... my first 5 years as an accountant was my "due paying" time. Got my licence got promoted to senior, bailed and got an analyst job, worked there for a few years and became an office manager for a small company, bailed on that after a few years and now I'm a finance manager for a nonprofit. Have a pretty cake job and a big office.

Accounting is one career where what you put in definitely gets rewarded down the line. Suffer now for a bit, learn as much excel as you can. Learn as much Power BI stuff as you can, teach yourself how to write macros and use things like powerquery effectively and your 30s self will thank you because your career can be anything you want it to be.

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