Playing Limbo means no one likes you.

Yup, Limbo is singled out because of the absurdly high range it is capable of.

Cataclysm: 16m

Rhino Stomp: 25m

Chaos: 25m

So again, you can say the same shit for ANY WARFRAME WITH CC

If you don't want people to "disrupt your flow", play solo, perhaps?

We have good methods of mitigating incoming damage and/or dealing more damage.

Yes and CC is also another method, a good method, a method that requires you to gasp WALK TOWARDS the enemy instead of standing still! Unacceptable!

Chroma, Equinox, Gara, Mesa, Nidus and Saryn to name a few.

Some of these literally depend on Warframes with CC to survive and function better with Warframes like Limbo.

This is slower and more boring than just dealing with enemies directly.

Enemies being open and vulnerable is slower because you have to WALK instead of waiting for them? You realize a 50m away enemy approaching you is slower than you going 50m, right?

Your entire argument seems to be "don't disrupt my flow" or whatever silly idea you have in your head but you probably cry and rage on chat about CC when you get downed.

CC is a part of the game and it is useful, learn to use parkour maneuvers instead of standing in your place.

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