Adults looking for fun things to do on the 4th weekend.

I'm sorry, but enough with the City Museum! We get it, it's awesome and they have bars, I can't recommend it enough if your looking for a unique experience that lets you visit an adult playground. Put a sticky on the sidebar that says if you're coming to town check out city museum. They asked for something fun to do and said they like dancing and beer.

Go to the Grove. Manchester/Choteau may be one of the best 5mile stretches of breweries in the country. Side Project, 2nd Shift, Modern, Urban Chestnut , and Charelville breweries. A short shot from those are Heavy Riff, 4hands, and Civil Life.

There are plenty of places to dance in Maplewood or the Grove. Handlebar or Atomic Cowboy are pretty cool for that in my opinion, but bar hop and find what works for you.

You want food outside of a brewery? Try the hill, or Vin de Set, or Plantars House, perhaps PW PIZZA enjoyed in the 21st Street Brewers pub. Elia and Olio are in Botanical Heights not to far from the Grove. Squwires and SquareOne are good in Lafayette Square, also close. I hear that Polite Society is incredible but haven't been yet.

I love this town. We have more to offer than the City Museum and Fair STL.

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