Prozac vs wellbutrin brain fog

About the neurotransmitters? Not rlly, that’s more psychiatry. They won’t be able to prove u have any issues though with those transmitters or receptor sites unless they take a bone saw to your head and biopsy your brain, so it’s purely based on “clinical observation”. The urine tests or blood tests offered these days also don’t necessarily correlate with what you’d find in your brain.

As far as the other stuff goes yeah it should mostly be neurology but good fuckijt luck finding anyone to help. If you can access tests though I’d look into things like full body contrast mri, chest ct, ekg, echo, CBC and differential, d dimer, crp, sedimentation rate, cytokines, Ana panel, and convince someone to draw blood from diff sites on ur body and then examine the samples for micro clots.

I find it funny that you will easily find a dr happy to give you the welbutrin based on clinical assessment and without a single bio marker to point to, but you won’t find one willing to experiment and pump u full of anti inflammatories and then wait and see if u have a change in claimed symptoms, then do the same with anticoagulants, etc.

Oh if u can get a pet scan of ur brain to check microglial activity that would be nice too

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