Aerospace technology degree/field

Hey there,

I was told that a few people were taken by an employer in the program before finishing, so that sounds promising. I'm depressed and tired of trying to find any respectable job. Tired of dealing with Brevard County flakes and living at the poverty line. I gave up on my dream career of elementary education due to political and other reasons. I got an A.A in English 5 years ago, leaving it open for me to maybe become an English professor, but I just realized how unrealistic these professions are for a number of reasons, etc. I have a lot of experience in teaching and writing. I worked at the space center theme park zoo as an Educator for a year and a half or so. We had a thing called "Brevard Space Week" which was really a month. I asked every teacher I could if they still suggested the profession and every single one said no. It depressed me for a year and I really struggled with what I wanted to do next career-wise. I have Lyme Disease so the teaching field was incredibly healthy and too stressful (60 kids for 8 hours, minimum bathroom breaks, etc). I was also making like $10 an hour at the space center-- it was a joke. My math is really average. Struggled with it when I was in high school, but I'm almost 30 now so I don't think that has much bearing. Pretty much willing to study hard and do anything to get a respectable job. Looking for any input to see if I can do this. Not sure why I'm doubting myself, but I've never done anything math/science/STEM related. I have no idea what to expect, lol... any tips/help at all is appreciated

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