If you have teenagers in the south side of the county you might want to read this.

pretty much just know your rights and this isn't a problem

How many people have the education to understand or know about this little dark corner of the law? It's not as if the police will educate people. The police have become the citizens' adversaries, not their protectors. For certain segments of the population, this is nothing new.

Considering the lack of consequences for police brutality, it doesn't matter what your rights are if one is afraid to exercise them.

If a man demands money, it's my right to refuse. But that doesn't mean much when there's a gun in my kidney. Look at the asset forfeiture laws in Florida. Once you're ARRESTED, the police can seize your cash, house, vehicles, personal belongings etc.

You're guilty until you are proven innocent. And if the prosecutor declines to press charges, what is the guarantee you will get your property back without the aid of an attorney? None.

Even the right-wing think tank James Madison Institute 1 is incensed by this, publishing an article in their Winter 2016 Journal 2 about it. Considering the source, this policy must be extreme in order to evoke protest.

1 http://www.jamesmadison.org/library/doclib/Journal-Winter-2016-Civil-Forfeiture-Floridas-Embarrassing-Failure-to-Protect-Property-Rights.pdf

2 http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/James_Madison_Institute

In California, they just changed the law to where nothing but items to be used for evidence can be seized until after a CONVICTION.

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