Beware of Pita Paradise in Cocoa Beach

You want to talk about mislead, you accused me of stealing, when clearly asking for a Publix promise is part of their policy. There are many news stories online about people asking for a Publix promise, and Publix fixes the problem. What they don't do, and what the news articles don't do is call customers who ask for Publix to fulfill their pledge thieves.

Also, any reasonable person would agree there are a lot of businesses that either use fraudulent practices, or constantly make mistakes that favor them rather than the consumer. I am not saying they are the majority, but due to the sheer number of business out there it is a fact of certainty that fraudulent business practices are common. Some people, like myself with a background in mystery shopping, make it a habit to A) notice these problems, and B) call attention to them so they go away.

In the case of Pita Paradise, some of their fake reviews have already been removed. In the case of my local Publix they now actually recheck their labels on Thursday morning and haven't had a single item overpriced in nearly a month, which is great.

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