As a 30 year resident that's always dismissed things, now is the time to start prepping for hurricane season.

Six floor all glass office building, 8+ retail locations, residential houses, all within 1/8 mile of the river or directly on the river where wind is the highest, never a broken window and don't know of anyone either on the beachside or mainland that has. Doesn't mean there hasn't been a multitude of other types of damages just the fact in my personal experience glass breaking isn't an often occurrence.

I'm still confused about this, in what way in any of my posts am I downplaying the hurricanes? Me proving the fact that Brevard only having tropical storm level sustained winds in the past several decades and still seeing the destruction we have is the opposite of downplaying! Or is it because I don't board up my windows that have never broken and if they do it will cost less to replace the one or two that do than spend labor/material/time to board them?

Lol It's really best to not comment when you have no idea what your talking about but wedging plywood sheets into recessed window frames is a very common occurrence when boarding windows. You put your main piece of plywood in 1/4 smaller than the recessed cutout of the window and then put 2-3 2'x4's across knocked in with a rubber mallet to hold in place. Otherwise drilling into the concrete and leaving those holes there unplugged could potentially create spalling in the rebar or metal stucco membrane and cause it to pop out with intrusion of water and or salty air.

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