After their Man City loss, Project FiveThirtyEight still has Liverpool 73% favorites to win the league

Honestly, why would you prefer them to win the league? Given their funding and set up, they're likely to go on and establish a huge and significant period of dominance in England in very much the same way Bayern has in Germany, at least until other clubs have access to the same funds.

I honestly don't think it'll be long before they'll be hot on both of our tails for titles as you're on a path of recovery and we're constantly going to be punching above our weight against a side that has so much purchasing power, in the same way Dortmund did vs Bayern.

Sure, we might compete one season in, the next season out, but I think they have the foundations for long term stability for decades, which is quite worrying. I think a lot of United fans lack foresight over this.

City bagging more league titles will also slowly transition them into being the 'in' side in Manchester, and you being the 'out' side of Manchester. There is more to your rivalry with City than meets the eye. It's a territorial and marketing rivalry as well. The more dominant City become, the more kids will grow up supporting them.

But, if you hate us so much that you'd prefer City to establish dominance of your city as the biggest club, and also in football, go ahead, but I'd rather take 500 poison darts in my face, and you win the league for the next 50 years than ever see Everton win it. The day the Blueshites win it I'll torch my television in the street.

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