AITA for declining to walk my bf's dog

Some background: bf and I have been together for 4 years and have been living together for 2 years. Since I've known him I've helped walk his dog by taking her, golden doodle, for walks on my own. Going forward I will refer to her as "gd." For the last 2 years, I've been walking gd once a day everyday. Since the beginning, I've found it difficult to maintain control when I walk her. If we walk by a dog she doesn't agree with I have to lock my feet into the ground, so to speak, to prevent/restrain her from going anywhere. I'm a 120lbs F and she is 67lbs. Gd is a very friendly dog, but just like not all people get along neither do all dogs get along. Restraining her was a daily issue for me as there are lots of dogs in our condo complex as well as previously they lived in a remote area where she could roam as she pleased. So she’s not the best at being taken for a walk because she has a habit of pulling you where she wants to go.

Main story: Recently, there was an incident where I wasn't able to restrain her. During our walk, there was a dog that she was eyeing. I tried to control her by standing in her line of sight hoping that she wouldn't react to the other dog. The owner with the other dog could see these dogs were not going to get along, but still decided to walk closer to us. The result was gd lunging at the other dog. I kept gd close to me by shortening the leash thinking that would hold her. Instead, she pulled me down to the ground and dragged me over to the other dog. I fell entirely on my right side hurting my elbow and knee.

After this, I decided it was not in my best interest to be walking a dog that I can't control. Being dragged by a dog has happened to me before with different dogs. It terrified me being dragged and having no control. Bf at the time sympathized with me. However, now that I'm refusing to walk gd he's accusing me of not helping and tries to guilt me into walking gd by saying (paraphrasing) I thought we were a partnership. I think I'm justified in my reasoning for not walking gd. He made a "joke" about him not cooking because he cut his finger once while chopping. He thinks these are comparable scenarios. I told him if he had Parkinson’s or some other physical obstacle then it would be understandable that I wouldn't expect him to engage in that activity. We're not seeing eye to eye on this. AITA?

Tldr: Walked bf's dog consistently for 2 yrs. everyday at least once a day. After being recently pulled and dragged by his dog, I've decided not to walk his dog anymore since I can't maintain control. He thinks I'm not being a helpful partner. AITA?

Edit: Thank you for the responses thus far. I'll explain a bit more: - He doesn't have a problem walking her as he can control her. She gets a lot of walks each day but I agree they could be for longer periods. - I call gd his dog because she legally is his. He's had her for years before we ever met, and if we were to ever split up there would be no question of who would keep her. Yes, I love gd and take care of her in the home. But I'm not comfortable being tethered to her. - I mentioned the injury to my knee because I have a bumy knee since an injury in my childhood years.

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