AITA for going off on my girlfriend about her mental health?


This sounds like a lot of conversations I’ve had with friends and SOs over the years (me being in the position of your girlfriend). There’s two things I’ve learned:

1) my SO is trying to help me but is doing so inappropriately because they don’t know how to, usually because they don’t have experience feeling the way I do. 2) this doesn’t make them a bad person

You’re not an asshole. It’s very hard to understand what she’s feeling if you’ve never been there. Mental illness makes you feel trapped, and makes solutions feel impossible. No one is endlessly patience and your frustration sounds like it stemmed from caring about her and being annoyed by her not helping herself in what probably seems like a pretty clear cut situation: she needs help so she should go get help.

It’s a sticky situation, one in which probably only your girlfriend is going to be able to decide on the course of action. You should continue to be supportive but could also clearly set your own boundaries around how you guys have these conversations so that you don’t get frustrated and inadvertently hurt her.

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