AITA for lying about being infertile

I was in an 11 year relationship. My ex knew of my health issues, didn't want to use condoms (and actually removed them mid encounter), but if my birth control ever failed he would "just send me somewhere cheap like Thailand for an abortion and a holiday", his words and he said it as a joke to friends but if it ever happened he would have. I have been asking doctors for a hysterectomy since I was 18 (legal age here) but apparently I'm not mature enough to make that decision, even now at 34, and they also refuse because I haven't had kids and could change my mind.

If I got into another relationship I wouldn't hesitate to tell them that I'm infertile, just because I could technically get pregnant doesn't mean I can keep the baby, nor would I ever want to. I'll be on birth control until the day I die or get past menopause, but if I get pregnant it's a health risk to me and I could die from the potential complications.

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