How to defend from Trush+Archers?

It sounds like your opponent just did better than you. When the opponent has the recources to build towers and two archery ranges and can even produce with them, while also having forward vills. And in the mean time you don't even have the wood for a archery range, or stone for a tower you are just gg. Basically you always loose when a tower rush can deny your stone. And of course building pikes was a total disaster decision.

There is almost nothing you could do there. However towers are countered by towers and archers by towers and skirms. So if you didn't let him tower your stone, you could have build defensive towers wich would protect from towers and from archers also when you would have enough wood you could go for a archery range and go for your own archers or skirms. And try to counter attack when you don't need them for protection, as the opponent shouldn't have a good protected base, when going all in like this.

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