AITA for telling two girls they have to share a room with guys despite it making them uncomfortable?

So I see your inability to read and comprehend is still as dazzling as ever. All I got from your reply was you’re angry and unable to understand that staying after a party is not the party itself. He had enough space to host the actual party and he did. Staying after is an extra privilege with LIMITED space. Now because the space is LIMITED he goes to people when they arrive at the party to ask them if they are staying or not to let them know whether he can accommodate them or whether they should stay sober, leave or find a designated driver.

All I got was paragraphs of bitching.

Your logic is that since he has enough space to host the actual party but not the space for the option of people that want to stay over he should just cancel the whole party even for the people that aren’t staying over. When you go to a party do you stay over every single time?

Nope as always you can't read don't have the party whenever you reply just read my other comments okay mate.

Stop coming up with dumb shit because your angry that teens are having a party. Never have I seen someone try to advocate that the entire party should be canceled because there’s not enough space for people to stays afterwards. When people you vaguely know show up that weren’t invited they don’t get priority over the people that came first.

Ah yes and i was the the one bitching for hours you're the one coming up with dumb shit you could literally read my first comment instead of going in blind.

Seems like the party went fine because there was enough space for the actual party and the people who took his offer were able to stay over. Whereas the people who didn’t take his offer were able to get home safely. But nah according to you since his OPTIONAL offer wasn’t good enough he should’ve just cancelled the entire party.

No I said don't have the party once again read my comments this is just to good you're making my day mate.

Since you seem to have trouble reading I’ve capitalized some important points but just in case you’ve missed them let’s go over them again: A party does not require after care as everyone should be able to take care of themselves or find someone that will before attending. Such people are known as designated drivers and are much more common than asking the host if he has space to let you stay over halfway into the party. To get mad when there isn’t enough space to stay over is fairly insulting to the host as it puts then in a tough spot and usually you’re expected to be able to take care of yourself. It’s the same thing as going to a party at a bar. The bar will not let you sleep over but will recommend nearby hotels or some employees will even take you home. Taking an Uber while extremely drunk is a great way to make yourself disappear. The bar isn’t responsible for your own inability to take care of yourself, you are.

I've really got you riled up haven't I. I hope you can figure out my point even after trying to say no you can't read you still can't figure it out. Anyways thanks for the laugh.

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