AITA for wanting my daughter’s boyfriend/soon-to-be fiance to know her dark secret before marriage?

That web page, is not even close.

I am a diagnosed sociopath (ASPD). We are not all the same. That web page, is a fair bit off. That sounds more like ASPD with narcissism - The only one of those I know is very intentional about everything they do, which can make them hard to be around because they're more active than I am, I'm kind of a blob.

Unlike the page, I'm not cold and calculating when it comes to my anger:

When I get angry, I get angry. I punch and I kick and I destroy everything around me. I've only been able to gain some sort of control in the past 5 years by sheer willpower alone. Primal is an understatement. I don't have some malevolent control over my emotions that I use to shiv people in the back while pretending to cry as the article suggests. When I get angry, I have to physically hurt myself to stop it because when you're that angry it's uncontrollable. I don't know how to explain it besides Hulking out. If I can't gain enough control to hurt myself, I will and have hurt others.

Unlike that article suggests, I'm not doing it because I want to. I'm not evil and malevolent. I don't bide my time with "a sense of calm purpose". My bursts of anger, will target the person I believe took my control away from me (But will involve anyone nearby), but as I've grown up and matured my brain got a bit smarter and I can now redirect the anger towards other things.

I express emotions to make others feel comfortable around me, as then I am comfortable. It's not done to be cruel or mean. Those who are making it out that it is, you're as bad as those people that treat amputees badly because they can't do something.

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