Alignment and four new tires from Mavis, help me interpret printout.

In the future I would avoid Mavis.

Years ago I brought my car in for an inspection and was told that it needed an alignment. Said OK do it. They say oops there is a part worn to the point that we can't do an alignment unless you replace the part first.

I ignored that and drove for another year because it seemed completely fine and I didn't want an alignment in the first place.

Brought it back a year later for my next inspection and they recommend alignment again. Say fine go ahead do it. They do.

Sooo how'd they align my un-alignable car?

Like an idiot I let that one go and went back this year for yet another inspection, scheduled ahead for a specific time slot. Show up and the guy talks to me like I'm an idiot because their inspection guy isn't scheduled at the time they took my appointment for.

I know they're a chain shop so locations vary...but yeah

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