Am I[26/F] Weird that I can't accept my BF[28/M] Getting a HJ From a Masseuse

is trust built over time in a relationship that easily shattered by a single act of human nature that has no purposeful malice associated with it?

Yes, because they decided to break that trust to have a romp of fun with some random whore. That's THEM breaking the trust and YES that shatters it. I've TRIED, and it is NOT something everyone can get over. For me, I constantly thought about what he did, worried about whether he'd do it again. I COULD NOT trust him again, because guess what HE FUCKING BROKE MY TRUST. When a guy is with me, he's with me, not some fucking whore.

If you think that this lie is worth ending a relationship over because of the broken trust, is any other lie on the girls or guys part also worth ending a relationship over?

Probably. It depends on the severity of the lie. I've dumped liars before, dude. Lying is not okay, honesty is important. And either way it isn't the lie here that's the issue, though it's not okay, it's the CHEATING.

You read plenty of examples on here about the girl lying about hanging out with one of her exes even if no cheating came of it, and often people say its no big deal. And if you don't think this is bad, than what is so special about one sided sexual intercourse, why is the line drawn there and not anywhere else?

I don't think that way, that is bad, you do not lie to your so especially about hanging with exes. I've never seen people say thats okay, whenever I see posts like that the person is usually quite scolded. Are you sure we go on the same subreddit?

And any sort of sexual relations what so ever is cheating. Everyone can change it to their own definition of course, but I'm going off of mine. A *kiss would be cheating and I would fucking dump him over it. If he even CUDDLED with another woman, that is cheating to me, and yes, I would fucking dump him so fast his head would spin.

If you have some other reason why cheaters should be dumped and castrated by default, I would definitely like to hear it

Dont' need any other reason. They betrayed the trust of the one they supposedly LOVED, they don't deserve any more chances. They deserve to be dumped immediately. The castration part was a joke. But no cheater deserves a second chance. They don't change. It'll just repeat itself. It's a waste of everyones time.

And beside, if he REALLY wanted to be with her, he wouldn't have fucking cheated to begin with. you do not fuck other people when you're in a committed relationship with someone you love

And you ARE being ridiculous, and disgusting, you're honestly just as disgusting as op's boyfriend. fuck off cheater

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