I am Agnostic, proudly. And while I know this may not go over well, especially in here, I think devout Atheists sound just about as illogical as everyone who has ever tried to tell me about their religion.

I’m not choosing to misrepresent anything. I understand clearly cause and effect.

Purple ape fairies do not exist. I don’t recall anyone making the assertion that they do. The claim can be clearly understood, though. It’s not right, because it’s a negative claim that cannot be proven, but the statement has meaning.

However, a claim that purple ape fairies DO exist needs to be provable to be accepted.

‘Show me evidence of purple ape fairies and I’ll believe you’

If you can’t, I will reject the claim - ‘ I don’t believe you’

Now, some people can be taught to believe the claim, without any evidence, that purple ape fairies exist..........

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