Am I delusional or has Hollywood been pumping out a lot more "satanic-themed" content over the last few years?

I'm aware of super cringe Christian rock style movies / propaganda that's not my comment was about horror movies ...if you want to talk propaganda most horror is full on pro occult propaganda and there has been an increase in B grade horror movies related to demonic activity in the last 10-15 years none of which include anything to do with being saved by a "good" higher power or coming to a realization about the good nature of the universe etc.. no one is asking for someone to just shout jesus out and for it to be over, just seems the only solutions that come are by using more use of new age type stuff ...I love horror movies but they have just gotten shitty and repetitive. My guess is that if you check out the people involved in alot of them (A24, Blumhouse, Ari Aster etc..) youd would see the kind of influence being pushed and by whom.

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