Is America (USA) really that bad place to live ?

On one hand, is the sharpe edge. you got rights. You got gun rights, property rights, education rights, etc. Just like a sharp edge, it is safer and reliable.

On the other hand you get the dull edge. This dull edge is racism, pay gaps, poverty, and pollution. And just like a dull edge these can be uncertain, not what you think of them. You think racism is only against blacks? Nope, it now is targeting Asians and whites as well. You think the pollution is only smoke and such? Nope plastic too.

So in short. You have the good edge, the nice people, the education, your rights to improve your life and community. And on the other edge, you have the wars against everyone in our community, between whites blacks Asians, anyone, and the poverty. America is both pure good, and pure evil, not the best place to live by far, but reliable if you stay on the good edge.

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