The amount of cotton that came out of this bottle is absurd.

Herbal products sold in the USA are required by law to be tested for potency and the presence of toxic chemicals. You need to do actual reaserch before spouting the lie that it doesnt happen.

Read the summary of the law yourself, since apparently you haven't yet...

Under the act, supplements are mainly unregulated, without proof of effectiveness or safety needed to market a supplement, as well as dietary supplements being classified as foods instead of as drugs.

I knowpeople who have died because of following what the fda and hospital said to do.

With the difference being that the FDA recommendations give you the statistically best chance of survival.


... you might want to check the spelling on that one, not to mention that there is NO KNOWN CAUSE to Alzheimers. Again, you prove you don't know what you're talking about.

And you have no side effects from a chemical pill because your giving the body what it needed to fix the issue.

Have you never taken chemistry? Herbal products are made from chemicals too, you dense motherfucker. Plenty of poisons are made from natural products. Plenty of cures are made synthetically.

Numerous studies from doctors around the world as well as other scientists shows cancer starts dying when the body is brought back into ph balance. The bodies immune system is able to start removing the cancer again because the cancer is not growing faster than it can be removed.

Then cite them... inb4 no response, because they don't fucking exist.

And i dont give a shit because i know it work. Why? Because i seen it work first hand on myself and others i know.

You are a fucking moron.

Why am I still responding to you?

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