An appreciation post

i'm older as well, but got sucked in by wanting to play something with my nephews now theyve progressed from minecraft. Their enjoyment playing is something i've missed as ive got older as i played more competitive games on PC.

i swapped to PS4 over christmas as i was gifted one with red dead, but that meant i lost 15 years of Keyboard and mouse aiming experience and had to start fresh with controller (for Fortnite). i was absolutely terrible but luckily my nephew and his friends have boosted me a fair bit. This season i did all the challenges, spent a lot of time in the LTMs and actually had more fun gaming than i have in a long time and have about 25 wins split between the non ltm modes.

btw, i noticed early that the real defaults are rarely in solo, i queued a lot for duos and squads with fill and no fill on, and found a lot more players that i was able to kill which made me feel a lot better

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