It's an STD.

Nothing like instilling a healthy amount of FEAR AND PARANOIA in your children surrounding sex!

When I was 18, I'd been with a guy for 2 years and decided I wanted to have sex with him. When my nmom found out through my phone messages, she told me I better watch out because I might "contract something". Also, that I better not get pregnant because if I do, "no daughter of mine is getting an abortion" (not really her choice, but okay) and "I'm not raising your children while you're out gallivanting around town!"

I'd been perfectly safe, but on the miniscule chance that I ever got pregnant - 1. I do what I want with my body, 2. The fact that she assumes I would be a dead-beat mother and need to be TOLD to care for my child is pretty insulting. Also, I'm an extreme introvert - when had I ever gone "gallivanting around town"???

Anyway, she read the entire contents of my phone, which was creepy because my boyfriend and I had been discussing the sex in great detail - we've always been very open and were talking about what felt good, what didn't, etc. And I just found it very disturbing that she felt the need to read all of that and then recount it to my boyfriend's parents in detail (because she had to tell them we were having sex "from one parent to another" - okay, but why did she have to give such humiliating and creepy detail)

Fun fact - when I went to Planned Parenthood the nurse practitioner was a freaking bitch. I guess I always presumed people working at PP would be very kind and open, but she pretty much shamed me and warned me that "birth control pills don't protect against STDs" and that she saw girls like me everyday coming in with horrible diseases. I guess this wouldn't have bothered me so much if she hadn't been glaring at me and rolling her eyes the whole time. And she repeated herself many times, as though I was so stupid that I needed to hear this many times for it to stick. Not every young-ish person who has sex is a reckless idiot. Sometimes they're just a couple of people in love who want to have sex.

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