I was an undercover security officer at Disney World.... (Repost)

The original post - Good morning, I am writing this on my phone so please have patience with any grammatical or formatting errors. This post got removed originally and I messaged the mods, they said they have no idea how it happened, but I've been finding small silhouettes of Mickey Mouse outside of my house. Here's the repost and an update is in the works. To start off with, I now reside in a completely different State after leaving my job with the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I used to be what one other Redditor described as a "suit," I am one of the guys that walks around the park in plain sight yet hidden to the public. I am part of the elite group of black polo-sporting undercover security officers that specialize in worse things than shoplifters and unruly park guests. You see, as stated prior to this post on /r/nosleep, if you are at Disney World and you more than a few guys in one place wearing black polos then you are most likely in danger and you should leave the area immediately. The sad part is we are so good at blending in with the woodwork that you wouldn't even notice us. Anyway let me cut to the chase here. I have seen some pretty weird things at Disney World during my time, these "anomalies" that everyone speaks of, well they are true but the least of our concerns. see the thing is when you take hundreds of thousands of people and cram them into a relatively small space, weird shit is going to happen. We have had kids, even adults get lost in the park, cryptozoological sightings, alien sightings, ghost sightings, and just generally unexplainable things happen all the time. I was a Senior Special Security Officer during the height of my time there, and got called for some pretty dark shit. Many of you think we, as in the security detail I was in, were covering up for Disney Corp. but in our true nature we were damage control and were kept out of the loop on things and were trained not to question but to diffuse. There was one thing though that to this day still bothers me. We were called over the Nextel to respond to a complaint by a Cast Member that a group of four children had gone missing on The Land. Of course, one of those anomalies. For those of you who don't know the eerily calming nature ride called Living With The Land, it is located in the Land and The Sea pavilion over by Soarin' the odd thing about this report is that we have never received one of these complaints before, and of course we are issued cover up stories to tell cast members or guests to calm them down. I calmly came up with a story and explained that they kids were part of an educational program and they exited the boat with a guide and were escorted into the botany lab that exists on the ride. I told her not to ask any questions or talk about the incident as to not spread "false rumors," and had my colleague escort her to a nearby security office to have her sign some forms. My human nature took over and I got curious and entered the ride on the next boat alone. Living With The Land is boring and not particularly popular so I can understand how the kids would be on the boat alone and also how I could get on the boat by myself. I noticed absolutely nothing until I came to the part of the ride that has the prairie farm house, it looks like a faux house, but something about it just never sat right with me. As I have done hundreds of times before on rides, I jumped off the boat and onto the scene where the house is. I noticed something funny though, there were no pressure mats and the boat went away, allotting about a good 30 seconds before the next boat got to the scene. I have never seen a ride with no pressure mats to detect if anyone disembarks the ride. So quick recap, kids disappear on ride, I show up and feed the Cast Member who reported it some story about how they disembarked mid ride and are on a tour of the lab and for her not to question it. Colleague of mine takes her away to debrief. I contacted the new Cast Member operating the ride and tell him to put some space between the next boat as I am looking for a lost wedding ring, bull I know but so what. I slowly started to walk up to the faux house, climbing the steps up to the porch I noticed a small emblem on the left window. It's a small square and compass symbol, interesting that a Masonic symbol is hidden here. I figured whoever build the ride was a Freemason and brushed it off. I looked in the windows of the house and it was nothing but curtains with black plywood behind them. I thought that there was Nothing to see here, but still something inside me decided that wasn't good enough. The front door glided open to a bright room with a black and white checkerboard floor. There was a marble alter like table on the opposite end of the room with some kind of Weird throne like chair built into the front of it and a gold cup on the table top. the only other thing that was noticeable was a heavy wooden door on the other end of the room that was locked, there were no windows or anything else. I thought I was weird because I was always under the impression that this house was fake. Human nature took over again and against my better judgement I tried the door in the room, but I was relieved that it was locked. I tried my keys but none of them work. Here's the thing, at Disney we use a lock system called Best, this had interchangeable cores that have assigned numbers and/or letters. This is so we can issue keys only to certain areas. I have the General Master key which essentially is the real key to the kingdom. Interesting thing about this lock was that my master didn't open it. I looked closer and it was a Best Lock, but the inscription said C.C. On it, which I've never seen before. Since the door wasn't open I decided to just to leave. On my way out I noticed in the floor there was a fast pass printed out for Soarin'. I picked it up and pocketed it, it's amazing how trash works its way into odd places. I'm going to figure out where these kids went. Pictures of the house I've found on the web- http://imgur.com/UWixupT http://imgur.com/ehPo82E http://imgur.com/AIfgkyB http://imgur.com/u0de8sv http://imgur.com/gldSc1a http://imgur.com/yCClBbv http://imgur.com/Ek4eHyi The second story of the house is seemingly normal, but I don't know how they access it. You'll also notice that there is an observation deck, this area was undergoing "maintenance" at the time. It was closed off to guests, but CCTV footage revealed nothing was happening in that area. The camera points back onto the observation area and not at the house, there are no cameras in that portion of the ride.

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