Why Anarchists Should Be Opposed to Gun Control

Where are you from? I'm guessing you aren't from Detroit. There are millions of victims in Detroit. Victims who have no better alternative to their planned subjugation than crime. Some of these people have been driven mad with desperation.

Taking the freeway from point A to point B? You have car issues beyond your abilities to diagnose in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's dark, and there really aren't a lot of people around. You look above the walls of the freeway and you can see burnt homes, that have been that way for months. There are people who will roll on you. Some of them are crazy enough to kill first and rifle through your pockets later.

This doesn't even mention issues of race and segregation in my city, the city I love. Being white in the wrong place and making a simple mistake can get you killed. People of color in Detroit have plenty of good reason to be generally angry at white folks. There was a man last year who hit a young boy with his car, very much accidentally from eye witness accounts. He stopped immediately and got out to make sure the kid was okay. He was immediately beaten brutally by a mob of men who quickly formed after the accident. He spent a good while in a coma. He damn near died.

That is why I have a firearm on my person, or within arms reach at all possible times. I cannot carry a weapon at work. Don't really need to. But in the car it's a holster secured below the steering column. In public, its on my waist, concealed, legally, at the cost of entering myself in a state database. At night, it is in a holster next to my pillow, as a holdout weapon until I can reach my rifle or shotgun in the closet safe.

I may never need to use my weapons. As much as I enjoy shooting them and training with them, I sincerely hope I never harm another person, gun or no gun. But, I will never regret my responsible ownership of firearms. They are like condoms. It's better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

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