Do any of you in here respect any cops or even realize some are men and women with integrity?

Off duty, yes, some.

But on duty, no. Once they put on that uniform, and agree to the code, to: - Never snitch on corrupt cops.
- Always support other cops, even if you know they are corrupt. - Know that lying is always acceptable, and often necessary. - Be aware of criminals claiming to have rights. Nobody has any rights except us, and claiming to have rights or know anything about rights is suspicious behavior that identifies someone immediately as a criminal deserving of thorough attention. - Always arrest someone in any situation if at all possible, and give out at least your allotted number of citations daily, even if you have to totally make up some imaginary stuff to do it. But make sure you target people in poor neighborhoods, where people are too poor to fight back. Keep those numbers up. - Assume that everyone is guilty, until you have individually searched them and their stuff, and interrogated them, and cleared them of suspicion. If necessary, make them guilty by putting something incriminating into their stuff and lying about it. - Always presume that everyone is potentially deadly violent. Anyone might be planning to viciously attack and kill you. Be prepared to kill each and every one of them first the moment they make the slightest move that you don't like. After all, our lives are more important than any, or all, of them. If you kill someone, and find out they were not actually doing anything threatening, you can always lie about it, and claim you were in fear for your life. That lie always works. - If anyone has anything of value, it is totally okay to confiscate all of it for no reason at all, and just lie about why. Claim that the stuff might, maybe, possibly, somehow, hypothetically have been involved in some drug related crime that might actually have really, totally, maybe, sorta, theoretically, kinda been possible. So unless the former owner can prove that no such crimes ever happened and that the valuable property was never involved in the crimes that never happened, our city and department gets to keep it and we get fat bonuses for it.

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