Do any other INTJs find it remarkably easy to move on?

Yes and no. Mostly yes.

It is usually very easy for us to move on, that's for sure. However, the emotions are still there to access, and I am sure your emotions will catch up with you one day. Maybe not over this, but with other things. I think tapping into and working through your emotions now will help you in the long run. How does it feel to be called a "disgusting creep"? How does it feel to know you were rejected by a girl you really wanted to date? You thought it was going pretty well, which is enough to be even slightly bummed out that it didn't work out, right? Ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself. Don't rationalize, and don't pretend you don't care. You likely do. Always be fair to your feelings and allow yourself to feel them.

If I haven't opened myself up and invested, I can move on without a second thought. It is also extremely easy for me to cut emotion and move on if someone was truly awful to me. My mind will refuse to think/feel about this person, and it's almost like they have been erased from my mind completely. There's no way in hell I would allow myself to waste even one minute of time reminiscing or wondering what that person is up to, no matter how much we shared. Being able to do that is fantastic. Then there are those other times, those rare but awful and crippling times. For example, my last heartbreak has been the most challenging thing for me to move on from. It has been an entire year, and two nights ago I suddenly found myself bawling my eyes out. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it is excruciating, as if just learning about a death in the family. I was just starting my period, so at first my mind put it down to that, heh. Then I told myself that the heartbreak is just addiction withdrawal, I am just craving those feelings again, and that that is normal. I reassured myself that it would all be over within the hour, and sure enough it was. I am totally fine again after such a release, and that probably won't happen for another 1-2 months. Still, I set aside my thoughts to fully experience those emotions. Missing, longing, sadness, anger, hurt, heartbreak, rejection, loss, disappointment - all these beautiful emotions that make up who I am as a person. I do not fear them, and becoming fully connected to them was one of the best things I have ever done. It's either that or being numb. And when you numb yourself to the bad, you inadvertently numb yourself to the good as well.

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