Any pro photographers using a Hackintosh?

The words professional and Hackintosh should never be in the same sentence.

That's completely arbitrary. It's literally just a mac build running on pc hardware. If it's setup right, on the correct hardware, it's 100% as stable as say, a mac pro. In many cases, the hardware used for a hackintosh is the same hardware in desktop macs.

The lack of professional tech support when something goes wrong is understated with people that typically build a Hackintosh.

That goes for anyone who builds their own PC, too. Lets assume if you're smart enough to build a hackintosh, you know how to google and solve problems.

Being your own tech support when something does go wrong costs time and money. You lose productivity and miss deadlines.

You know this statement is amazing to me. Googling something, doing a few trial and error fixes, might waste a few hours at most. A day, if it's significant. If I have to unplug all my shit and bring it down to Best Buy? Now we're talking weeks, not hours. And someone I don't know is looking through my shit. That's not optimal.

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