Any way to search for L2 chargers > 10kW?

If the only 19.2kW charger is occupied, I’m getting a 0% charge overnight. Obviously I would prefer to charge up fully... you interpreted my comment in the least charitable way possible, which I don’t particularly appreciate... I’m not dumb.

You may think the cost difference between them is trivial, but it absolutely isn’t. The Tesla destination charger is only great for people using Teslas. I agree that Tesla offers quite the steal there, but it isn’t representative of the market.

The largest price difference for most systems is that they won’t share power like the beautiful Tesla HPWC. At that point, no hotel that wasn’t purpose built for having lots of high power chargers will be completely incapable of dealing with that additional load, so you’re going to be paying $$$$ to upgrade the breaker boxes, the wiring, and possibly even the electric service to the hotel to a higher amperage.

Regardless of the cost of the charger, the cost of the wiring is significantly higher too.

The cost of everything is higher with 19.2kW chargers.

If a lot of hotels aren’t currently providing 19.2kW chargers, it’s for good reason.

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