Anybody got any good near miss stories?

Was completing a 100 hour inspection for a flight school when my boss decided to take over the plane I was working on and send me to help pickup a plane that was grounded in another location. I handed my bafoon of a boss the checklist and explained that the things I checked off are complete but that I hadn't gotten very far. Basically, I had only done an engine run up and oil change. He said he understood.

When I came back to work the following Monday he got within an inch of my face and yelled at me on front of all of my colleagues that he had (100 hour inspection plane) returned to service but had just realized the plane's inspection wasn't complete. I asked him who signed it off. He said he did. I asked him why he did that since I told him that the only things I had done were what I had checked off. He got real, real quiet and just said "well I'm not that worried about it, that plane's pretty solid."

I reported him to the lead pilot. It took several shady incidents like that, including one where he asked the team to lie about a muffler swap he asked us to do (we didn't) before he was fired. Somehow he's still out there holding a job in aviation, at one point he even opened an a&p school for veterans. Thankfully he bankrupted it.

I'd say he's a walking near miss, but he's directly responsible for three people's deaths in the Navy due to his negligence with aviation maintenance. The scariest part of the field is some of the people working alongside you.

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