Anyone help with anxiety issues?

I went through something similar this year. Unexplained pain that they couldn’t figure out. Our bodies are going to have hiccups and weird things happen. You just have to assume it’s nothing serious. As we get older so many issues may arise and you can’t go through life assuming each little ache or pain is a death sentence, you will go crazy. Our medical system is typically slow in running through the gauntlet of tests which doesn’t aide anxiety. You just have to tell yourself there’s no reason to assume the worst. Stress is horrible and can make your issues worse. If your a religious person I would say pray. If not all I can say is try to relax and keep it moving. As time goes by and nothing bad happens you will slowly come back around. Kind of like a break up. With each day that nothing bad happens you will start to regain normalcy. I’ll pray for you in the meantime.

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