372 words People don't enjoy listening to me talk, and interrupt me and rather listen to people who do interrupt me? Also, my bf never reacts to anything I talk about and changes topic? 144 words My grandma keeps taking pictures of my butt...?! 205 words Do you have the right to be annoyed if your best friend of X years becomes friends with someone you absolutely hate? Why? Is this a sign of disrespect? 684 words My 14 yo sister just cut herself. What should I do? 450 words My dog is getting put down on Saturday, any advice on how to cope because I’m not doing that very well. 145 words How do you live with someone you love who is dying? 537 words I think I am becoming an Incel.....and I'm afraid. 147 words My boss is using her power over me to harrass me 223 words What did you learn when you moved out of home? 248 words Desperate need of advice. Found out that dad was sexually assaulting my sister around 10-15 years ago and he’s also cheating on my mom. Mom wants me to act like nothing happened and be normal with him. 325 words I genuinely don't understand how people can deal with the 40-hour work week, I really want to just give up 178 words I (M15) was raped (M18) and four people (F16, M14, F17, M17) watched and did nothing. 333 words Help! We got scammed to make it look like we committed fraud. 227 words I own a small business and I’ve been in business for 7 years. I have a staff of 6, and I’ve increased my profits every year by 15-20%. I am very budget savvy, set money aside for emergencies, budget everything, and thought I had planned for any unexpected events. Continued below. 244 words How do you ask someone without being direct? 490 words How do you ask someone without being direct? 508 words Overly-protective parents made me an uneducated, sheltered 20 year old. Please help. I need advice breaking free from them as an adult. 170 words Anyone help with anxiety issues? 163 words 15 Y/o LAZY sister. HELP 142 words How can I raise funds for a charitable event?