How do I (M21) find a partner

Now i know you’re an introvert, but it’s probably better to go out. Bare with me here. I am also an introvert I have female friends but rarely an male friends. I say that if you keep looking for hopes on landing the perfect person it’s a low or dangerous chance doing so online. I have texted a dude for two years thinking one day we would meet up and date, but finally after those years we decided to call each other (we live in different states). From texts to calling it’s so different, it’s like we don’t know what to say to each other overall it was awkward and we decided to just be friends. But at-last! After that time I was studying abroad in another country, met someone there and here now my fiancé. We share many things in common and also the reasons why we hit it off. Also being that studying abroad I wasn’t hoping to meet someone, I just wanted to take in the scenery I was in. I was able to find the special person without trying, just be yourself! This is saying that you’ll meet someone when you’re not trying too hard, it might show up unexpectedly, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next year. What I’m trying to say is you might have to meet someone face to face or maybe from a friend group. Maybe go to a place you enjoy a lot and then there might be a spark. People are very different from a screen than in real life. I hope you the best!

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