Anyone want some stories written about them?

Sounds like fun!

TL:DR - Basically the comic relief character you were looking for in your previous post that's the exact opposite of Magra X3

Here is Zinc:

The picture above says a lot about the character, tbh. Spontaneous, silly and impulsive; if something looks like fun or looks like a thrill he'd be the first to volunteer, even if it's just to make someone else laugh. Zinc's the type of character that would be phased by very little, because he'd laugh it off or make light of a situation (sometimes to make other people less afraid/anxious) and he's very rarely serious about anything, which can come across as being a little big-headed by people who don't know him. Being energetic in his daily life means he's prone to napping and sporadic times whenever he needs to regain his 'mojo'.

He's athletic and likes fast reaction sports, like dodgeball and some computer games, and, conversely, dislikes slow-paced things like chess and golf or waiting long amounts of time for things. He can put a lot of effort into what he likes to do, but gets very lazy when it comes to tasks he doesn't really want to undertake. With regards to friends, Zinc has a small circle of friends he'd do anything for, at the drop of a hat, but then few other friends outside that circle. Secretly, he's paranoid of losing any of the small number of friends he does have, for one reason or another.

Zinc speaks as the words come to him, which does sometimes end up being bad, but he is usually tactful enough to avoid the worst situations. I guess he would be English, as I'm English, but as long as the accent isn't posh and is more working class, he should be fine X3

As for something for him to do... Any sort of fantasy/sci-fi/adventure setting would see him as the close-quarters combat type in the party that dodges most attacks (it's how I usually play him in d&d :3)

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