Has anyone uncovered a conspiracy happening at your installation? A practice your base does that doesn't quite jive?

But..I feel like you're just gunna rent the house for the same OHA charge of $1800 like OTK and the other realtors here are already doing..so your arguments here and on the Misawa FB pages are not concerned towards rent being charge the max amount of OHA as compared to what the rent is really worth of about $500-$800 to locals..I could be wrong, but it just seems like you're trying to make money off the service members in the same way that the local realtors are already doing. you'll just be a part of the problem, not fixing it, but joing it. do better. Besides, why do you think you deserve to know every little detail about what arrangements were made between the US and Japanese governments, regarding this specific locale? Foreigner, Americans, put way more wear and tear on the homes here, just by not taking off shoes, using AC/Heaters constantly as compared to locals, etc. There is always paperwork that can be filled out to stay where you want to stay, whether on base or off.

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