Apartments with dog runs/park

I would just mention that neither of those places is really near an actual park park or other good place to walk a dog, just city sidewalks. Whereas if you were near an actual park you'd have a place to walk your dogs where there are other people around.

As far as dog parks go, Shaw dog park is not too far from O Street, also there's a small dog park across from where I used to live at 17th / S / New Hampshire. It's surrounded by apartments. Back in the day I used to call it "dogshit triangle" because the grass was totally ground into dirt and covered in guess what, so it was useless and repulsive to me as a human, but since then it's just been converted to an astroturf/fenced dog park, which isn't a great smell to walk past, but at least it's a good use of the space. The dogs won, I'm fine with it.

There's a dog park in Columbia Heights too.

Shirlington dog park is great and next to 4-mile run, so dogs can even wade into the water. Anyplace in Shirlington would be not too far away from there. It has a separate "small dog" area too. Shaw dog park has one of those too.

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