Appeal a ban on the public discord server in which no rules were broken - who do I appeal too? TL;DR Moderator went on a power-trip, even when I made him/her aware that other moderators allowed the same posting.

Please see my letter to the Discord Investigative team below for the details:

Dear Discord Investigative team,

The userID for the person I am reporting for breaking trust between users and Discord rules is (user ID has been left out for privacy). I am writing to let you know of a situation in which I have been unjustly banned from a discord server.

First, the videos of the foxes. The video I shared in discord were not met with any pushback as they did not break any of the discord chat rules, which are seen (the rules) in the screenshot attached; I took the screenshot as evidence of the rules that existed at the present time there. It is labelled as Screenshot (440). Screenshots (442) and Screenshot (443) are of the moderator that did NOT ban me and told me that it is ok to post it, as well as the ant video and screenshot (444) and screenshot (445) is the conversation after I was banned for an hour of the moderator who abused his power and banned me for no valid or sound or logical reason.

When I finished work in the lab, I shared a video of me working under the microscope. In fact, one of the moderators, whose name is (left out for privacy), opened a private chat with me because he/she was interested in finding out more about the research and my lab. The issue, and what's really unjust, is when I posted a picture of my face, with a part of my lab in the background, that got posted in the same chat later, it got deleted within a minute of posting by the user whose user ID is seen above. I politely asked why that photo was deleted, as it followed that channel's posting rules, and was told by that same mod (name removed for privacy) that mods can remove anything at anytime and that while all the rules have been followed, he/she do have the power to ban me due to rule #2: listen to whatever the moderator says or something like that. This, to me, is not a healthy and fair or just rule by any means, especially when there is no legitimate reason, after asking why, for one who hasn't broken the chat's rules.

There are many issues that arise from this, one such issue is that we're essentially giving power to an individual, and that individual can then apply their own morals, belief system (religious beliefs), or cultural beliefs on to the content and in the discussion between the different individuals in that channel. I tried to explain to the moderator why it is unfair for him/her to have deleted that picture, and I tried to explain to the moderator that previous moderators have allowed similar pictures and videos to be posted.

A user then asked me to send pictures of the ants I took in the channel and I did so, and then after that I got immediately banned by that same moderator for what apparently was one hour. When I messaged the moderator who banned me, I explained to him that there was no need for the ban and that I will be filing an investigation with Discord on grounds of breaking trust between the user and the Discord company, and breaking trust between the user and Grinding Gear Games, as the user was representing moderation on a public discord called Path of Exile, which is created by Grinding Gear Games. However, the moderator responded back without acknowledging that they were in the wrong or unmuting me and instead full- on gave me a life time ban.

I have messaged @chris_wilson and @multiplicity to see if they can unban me or talk to someone who can do so, as all my friends are on that server and I have never caused any issues prior or thus far.

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