Aquaria’s got something to say about buying unofficial merch

i 100% get what she’s saying, but a lot of these queens need to step it up in the merch department. i buy merch because i want to support my faves but also i buy merch because it’s cool and it’s a shirt i want to wear or a tote i want to carry, and all too often the official merch available is kinda underwhelming. katya is an excellent example of a queen who has really fun, well thought out, unique merch and that’s partially because she teamed up with an artist who’s also a fan who knows what we want to see. i wish more queens would team up with the talented fans out there who come up with really cool designs so the queens get their due but also we fans get merch we’re excited about. i don’t buy from etsy or red bubble but when you look around on there you find some undeniably cool stuff that seemingly has more thought put into it than some of the official merch i’ve seen floating around. i won’t call out any queens in particular, but i’d like to be more excited by their merch offerings in general. i’m happy to go to a show, pay for the m&g, tip, etc. but i’m not gonna buy a $40 shirt just to be nice.

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