Are you excited for the older generations to start dying off so we can stop hearing about their homophobic, sexist, and religious values? Why or why not?

I'm in my mid forties. I can assure you that's enough time to have seen a couple of cycles of generations repeating the mistakes of their predecessors. Since I bothered to listen to my parents, I can add their experiences to the list and add perhaps another cycle or two.

Don't expect human nature to change any time soon. We can slap a nice veneer on it, but the moment we get comfortable and relax all the shit bubbles to the surface again. It has been doing so for longer than recorded history.

About the only thing you can rationally hope to look forward to is a continuing overall gradual increase in average standard of living, which tends to induce enough sloth to keep the effects of human nature to a minimum. Even then, there's always the chance it'll all go to hell.

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