We are working on a "Dictionary of Woke Slang"

My favorite genre of Tumblr political post:

[clickbait headline revealing blatant misunderstanding of constitutional process]

“Ooohhh my goddd” [comment about wigs] [gif of a funny SASSY black woman drinking the TEA]

“Omg is this for real?? Get fuckkked Trump”

[attempted correction that manages to be even more misleading]

“Is this actually happening?????”

"Hello? so did they actually do this or not??"

[another gif of a black woman]

[gif of tea being poured into cup]

[exasperated correction pointing out that the article was about a bill, not a law, that the bill doesn’t do what the above users think it does, that even if it did do that it wouldn't have any impact, that the article is three years old, and that the bill died in committee two and a half years ago]

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