to start, a bit of back story: I'm a GW2 player with some thousands of hours on my account and did - and still do - pretty much anything I find fun and, as this sub title suggests, I'm on the in-between time (until next week).

So I saw that HoT is on sale and I tought why not?. Well, maybe because I like my account and ever- yes, I did buy a new account.

And here I am: a newborn Elementalist Sylvari. Let's do something to get some level I miss my tomes of knowledge - let's embark again on a journey to tyria.

or not. After 2 minutes thinking about what should I have to do to play some later game content, I'm here thinking this was probably a mistake boredom does this. but, hey, GW2 is such an awesome game, at least I helped anet buying a new account. So I got into my guild and begin to flood about narrate the awesomeness of being a new player - and shortly after got a friend to join me so we can level up - he is a 20'ish Elementalist and is in somewhere near Shiverpearks region - I say something like I'll catch you up and start to run through Caledon Forest flooding narrating how fun is to evade/avoid all those monsters so we can finally start something. He comes to Caledon Forest in order to speed up our encounter but I'm almost in another map. "let's get AC's wp?" I said - I have so many good memories from the first dungeon with my friends; so we went all the way through.

*about four maps, ten deaths and a lot of evades later*

...we're on Plains of Ashford, I'm level 7'ish and got the WP. now... "what about to go for Dragon's Stand? walking, of course" I say, "yeah, sure" he replies.

(here is the part where I skip about two hours where my friend gets his 80 level mesmer to port me through some parts and another friend join us on Tangled Depths to carry me, a level 9, even harder and speed up the proccess a little bit)

*more than 50 deaths later*

Here I am. Dragon's Stand: one of the deadliest open world event this game can provide. I look at map's timer and meta is going for like 30 minutes. I search on LFG and find a map isn't full. we hop in. both of us start to run towards a zerg trying to avoid as much as we can those map monsters (because, you know, if we tried to gather a Ekku Sappling even the tree would kill us).

Now we're just camping water and spamming Water Blast (water AA) and hoping to get some participation in meta I'm helping with those 20 heal per second, right? - we got participation around 50% pre-boss fight.

by the time we got before our boss (we were running mid/center lane) I had literally no money. zero. nothing. couldn't even wp if I needed to (for those who don't know: if you don't have any money the nearest wp is cost-free). someone popped a merchant and I sold all those badass blues and greens that somehow I got - now I'm a level 10'ish sitting in about 2 silver like a goddamn lord.

we go inside and I try to run with zerg. insta dead. wp. back. 5x. I'll just wait for it to finish

there you go. got loot from meta and now is time to kill MoM and... I don't have any mastery and my friend has no portal (since he's an Elementalist). I watch my friend - by the time a 24'ish level Elementalist - and everyone going for MoM while I'm alone /cry'ing and /sad'ing at the last rock I can climb. from time to time, someone dies and pass through me and I ask for a portal. some people stop and stare at me but, since they're not mesmer/chronomancer, they can't help me (unless they have a White Mantle Portal Device, which is pretty uncommon - but, hey, I've made this far)

so here comes the cool part

after 10 minutes crying, a person comes - a chronomancer - and stand close to me. I say something like "can you port me?". the person holds a bit and I'm like "no way s/he'll believe I don't have updraft and made this far" but I see a portal entre just at my foot and I'm finally on an Island. I start to jump around and thank the person. So Sif (not his/her full nick) whisper me with a "you don't have updraft?" and I explain about my new account and how low level I am. my Elementalist friend comes to me and is "whoa, you got it". I see my participation and is around 70% - this should give me MoM's loot, right? -, but I'll never make to the final island.

another whisper from Sif. "come to next island". another portal, another island. another whisper, "next?".

by that time I saw someone from anet (let's call him/her "GM") and the GM started to jump around me. I'm a level 11, with less than 100 AP, on a newly account dying running in Dragon's Stand. I start to jump close to GM to show that I'm not a bot (or something like that). Someone got hit by that RNG fire from Wyvern. I went up to ress people. GM still around. I go near GM and /wave's to him/her. GM left. I decide to whisper GM to explain that I'm here with help from friends and GM replies ":) no worries" - now I'm worried.

even map being with very little time to spare, ends being successful. during that custscene I'm already thinking to at least get those lane's HP before I leave the map remember those 2s? now I can. but a total stranger wouldn't go search for a low level between so many players instead get his/her loot and go after those nice Noxious Pod, right? Well, Sif didn't do that. a minute or so after the cutscene, I saw Sif coming to me and get a whisper "that distance. the portal works, right?"

NO WAY. I MEAN /cries in low level

So, for the next 5-7 minutes, Sif choose to leave those Noxious Pod for later and carry a total stranger, with 5 portals (with one being a fail one), to the chest's island so I - now a level 12 with 38 AP - can get the final chest.

Even before I reached HoT maps so many people stopped to ress me me despite being a low level (hello, Brisban Wildlands' Bandits). The kind of players we have here is what makes this game even better than already is.

That was the big wall of text sorry that I wanted to share: how a "new player" had a great adventure with help of total strangers.

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