Asking someone out and flirting while they work is shitty.

It's more like, you don't come across as exactly honest. The hot guys that constantly ask you out, belongs on R/that happened

I'm honestly waiting for the and then the store clapped. It's part of the job, and whining on the internet doesn't change anything.

It's not going to magically stop either. If I had a dollar for every person that hit on me I'd be a millionaire.

Speaks more to their low standards as I'm pretty sure I could double for the crypt keeper.

Especially the drunks, they've got zero standards at last call.

If it's that much of a problem get out of retail. Because pretty much everything had about retail is the customers.

You think getting hit on is the worst? How about the entitled bitch, that wants to use an expired coupon.

The weirdo's that do the super coupon bullshit. Where they drop a hundred of the bastards down.

The drunk that got kicked out of the other bar, and now you've got to deal with a possible fight.

There's much worse things to deal with than getting asked out.

My advice instead of whining for internet points, you talk to your manager and clarify their policies. You might find you didn't even have to come here.

I've always found if you do your job good enough, the management will always back you. Tell the customer to fuck off.

If you think management won't back you, it most likely means your very replaceable, and I'd suggest going back to school to find something better than retail.

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