Australia took a stand against Facebook — and got silenced

News publishers manually edit them so they appear like that on social networks to increase clickthrough rates and visibility.

Can you cite something that infers this is true? Because is seems like more FB bootlicking to me.

If this law would pass worldwide this would mean that I, as an owner of multiple websites, would post my links to Facebook in order to drive more traffic and monetize these websites via advertising, and Facebook would still have to pay me for helping my business grow.

Let’s be honest, you aren’t concerned In the slightest about monetizing content creators. You are a try hard using other people’s content in trying to come up and feel relevant, because nobody gives a shit about what you write or blog about. You, like FB have to rely on authors a magnitude smarter and more articulate than you to drive traffic to your “site”. Knowing that you should pay dearly for that honor.

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