Bad concussion–should I quit?

Be careful, your head is important. What Im about to tell you is a true warning story about not fucking around with concussions. I went to a boarding school that was focused on hockey and other winter sports. It is a small school (less than 200 kids) so everybody knew each other. One of the kids on the top level hockey team (they play in the Junior A league) got a small concussion that if he took a week off he would have been fine, but he didn't tell anybody because he wanted to play in the next game which was against our rival. These games always got rowdy and rough and big hits were always going on. So my friend gets on the ice and gets hit hard, it wasn't the cleanest hit in hockey but by no means a penalty. He hits the boards hard and hits his head even harder, first on the glass, then the rim of the boards, then on the ice. He was knocked out cold and had to be back boarded off the ice and was rushed to the hospital. Word quickly spread that he was hurt bad, he spent the next few weeks before break alone in his room with noise canceling headphones on with no sound coming out of them, the blinds down and he even wore a sleep mask 23 hours a day. The only time he left his room was to go to the bathroom (which he needed help getting to and from) and to go to the dinning hall to eat (again he needed help getting to and from). He left school half way through the year because there was no reason for him to stay there and for lack of a better term be a vegetable. He spent 8 months alone in his dark room with headphones and a sleep mask on. The next year he came back to school a completely different person. He used to be sociable and a happy guy, he was a hockey god he danced around the ice with the puck like a dancer on stage, he had amazing hand writing, now its just chicken scratch that even a doctor couldn't read. There is more but I think you all get the message. TLDR BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR HEAD

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