Baeclast #61 - A tool for all of us and a cautionary tale

facepalm... dude it's an exercise. Applying what's being discussed, but you are so off from topic and so righteous-firely-offended you can't see it.

The reasons I didn't have to answer your question is because the premise wrong. You said it yourself:

Okay, I implied that if one doesn't realize slippery slope fallacy when using it, that someone is stupid. In this case, Chris especially mentioned the fallacy by name, and still didn't realize it was a fallacy. If that's the case, I think it's stupid. Now, "stupid" is a strong word, and may not be very conducive to a good discussion.

You said best. Not very conducive to a good discussion. Therefor, I need to kick it back into course. This means you need to stop making it about me, GGG, Chris, yourself, or anyone else and stay in topic. Or else... it's your favorite two words... ad... hominem ||ヽ(* ̄▽ ̄*)ノミ|Ю

Also, I wasn't being dishonest. Yet another ad... lol... Dude... is that like the only tool you have? Feels like a one note record by now.

Chris did not dance around the question. He was 100% direct:

"that's going to mean NOT making those convenience changes about picking up items" "that's something that everyone is going to disagree on us on that, but it's the right choice for us to make" "and yeah, we are going to, unfortunately, stick to that"

But I guess you missed that after watching it twice (⊙_⊙)?

My dude, you win the internet argument. Move on.

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