Banteng, Indonesia CS national team player, is he legit?

Hello, I want to make a statment according to a post that say im cheating in hltv/reddit, it's about my faceit account that got banned in the last year. First, i'm really sorry to all cs:go community in Indonesia.

So this is the story. In 5-9 October 2015 i think, i really curious about using a program in csgo. So i search and download in my computer.

I also buy a new cs:go in new account to try ( that time was summer sale in steam ). I play casual with the program and i can see all the enemies through the wall, but that in that time i can't play competitive because of need to get private rank 3. So i decide to test it on faceit. In faceit i try to toggle the program, just playing in a few round i suddenly got kicked from server with a clear reason that im cheating.

And a week afther that time , i play faceit with my friend @Steven , @Sayo , @Demand and i play with my real accont that i play with no cheat from silver 4 i open my rank (first time play that time). I never use that cheat in my real account because i was so afraid to get ban in my real account , i play withouth cheat just like normal.

But when the game was done , i refresh my faceit , suddenly there's a mark in my profile that said i was banned for cheating, maybe because faceit can detect my ip. after that i re-install my windows and format all my hdd till zero, from that time i never download any cheat or even use it or even search for it. then i invited to play for nxl at 2016 april, i create my new account to start a new fresh one. because if i use my real account i afraid that people will have a negative thinking on me. after month to month i play in nxl, much tournament i've played with nxl, but now there's people searching on my account like detectively, and they publish in hltv & reddit about my faceit that got banned for 2 years. and people will think that i also use a program from time to time.

so that's the story, i'm really sorry that i make you guys dissapointed on me, i hope you guys can forgive me for the thing i've done in my past time being a casual amateur.

*sorry bad translate

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